Gratitude Card

Copy of acknowledgement statement

Option 1:

The best of beauty is sincerity, and the loveliest of the sincerity is the charity that you do for others.

Option 2:

We are pleased to cherish your shopping moment, even though through minute contribution from our side.

Option 3:

The smile that comes on your face when you receive this parcel, we are happy for being the reason behind it.

Option 4:

We are delighted to be your shopping partner, thanks for allowing us being the reason of your merriment.

Option 5:

All work and no play make Jack a dull day. This is common, but for us working for you is delightful.

Option 6:

When you purchase with us, you did not only enchant yourself, but also other underprivileged people and thanks for that.

Option 7:

We are zealous to be the reason of your memorable shopping experience.

Option 8:

Our passionate is to serve you with satisfaction through every purchase, and we hope your shopping moment with us was delightful.

Option 9:

You are happy to receive this parcel? We were merrier when your chose enche as your shopping companion.

Option 10:

Shopping is ordinary. Shopping online is innovative. Shopping and donating simultaneously is astonishing. Thanks for astounding us.

Copies of feedback request

Option 1:

Thanks for purchasing with us. Please send us your feedback if you are happy with our service.

Option 2:

We sincerely value your thoughts on our service. You can rate us through our website or mobile application.

Option 3:

Hi! We are grateful to have you shopping with us. Are you happy with enche? We are pleased to hear your feedback.