Corporate Social Responsibility

enche Sdn Bhd is an organization that aspire to make a pragmatic contribution to the community through our corporate social responsibilities (CSR) program. We hope that the campaigns envisaged under our CSR program could support us in achieving our goal by emphasizing our concern on the community issues.

In enche, we aim to serve as a role model among each other. This would be referred as possession of admirable quality in order to support, secure and give back to our society for everyone’s merriment. We also achieve benefits from CSR by nurturing our skills and increasing teamwork across our generation, whilst doing something positive for our community.

Our e-commerce platform is an effort to create more job opportunities through implementation of technology in business. Digitalization of commerce undeniably may lead to expansion of business by means of business size, market and revenue, whereby we aim to grow together with our local SME merchants by providing them a platform to develop their business. We believe, through digital economy, we may contribute to the emergence of new career opportunities in various industries for these local SME merchants.

Our key aspiration is to help others. Together with our CSR trustees, enche provides a mechanism whereby visitors of our e-commerce portal would stand a chance to contribute while shopping as we would allocate some of the transaction amount for a charity funding. The charity funds would be channelled to support the necessities of selected underprivileged community through our CSR  programs.


  • To contribute the part of our remuneration back to the underprivileged community.
  • To conduct the CSR campaign with the most effective improvement of the underprivileged community. 


To deliver the successful CSR roles by bringing an improvement in life of the underprivileged community through consistent campaigns execution.

  1. Values and Behaviours:

enche CSR has developed a series of values, which intend our committee to work to an agreed standard, with the same set of beliefs:

  • We emphasize teamwork in or committee.
  • We are committed to deliver the best quality of service in our CSR activities.
  • We promote and support the diversity and wellbeing of our target community.
  • We value integrity by being honest loyal and sincere in our CSR campaign execution.
  • We acknowledge the concern of our target community.
  1. Basic Standard of Conduct:

  • We will conduct every aspect of our CSR activities with honesty, integrity and respect to the  rights and the interests of our management.
  • We will respect the legitimate interests of third parties with whom we have dealings in the course of our CSR activities.
  • We will maintain the highest standards of integrity such as, we will avoid unkeepable commitments.

As the CSR Team, we are committed to:

  • Developing a workforce where there is mutual trust and respect, free from bias and harassment, where every person feels responsible for the performance and reputation of our CSR campaign.
  • Maintaining good communications with the committee through our information and work of conduct.
  • Ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of our people personal information is respected and secured.

CSR Integrity

  • We aim to develop strong relationships with our funders, our committee and the community, whom we have dealings, based on mutual trust, understanding and respect.
  • In those dealings, we expect those with whom we do business to adhere to business principles consistent with our CSR activities.
  • CSR team accounting and other records and supporting documents must accurately describe and reflect the nature of the underlying transactions.
  • No unrecorded account, fund or asset will be established or maintained.
  • We will comply with the laws and regulations applicable wherever we do CSR campaign. We will obtain legal advice where felt necessary to comply with this commitment.
  • We will review and track our CSR activities risks including our main focus are which is at poverty and livelihood.
  • enche CSR will not facilitate, support, tolerate or condone any form of violation of authority.
  • To ensure that our business in run in an ethical and effective manner we will maintain internal controls in line with the CSR management.

Personal Conduct

  • CSR team are expected to protect and not misuse CSR assets such as the charity funds and facilities.
  • CSR team are expected to use email, internet, and telephone in a manner appropriate for business purposes in line with the principles contained in policies.


  • None of the CSR team member working on our behalf must accept or give a bribe, facilitation payment or other improper payment for any reason.
  • This applies to transactions with government officials, any private company or person anywhere in the world. It is also applies whether the payment is made or received directly or through a third party.
  • CSR team shall ensure that adequate procedures are in place to prevent the risk of bribery.

Conflicts of Interest

  • Whilst CSR Team respects the privacy of our employees, all CSR team are expected to avoid activities that may conflict with their responsibilities to CSR activities.
  • CSR team must not seek gain for themselves or others through misuse of their positions.
  • All actual and potential conflicts (including those arising from the activities or interests external people that may affect enche CSR) should be disclosed to and discussed with the CSR management.


  • Information received by anyone in the course of his or her employment should be used only within the business course ethics must not be misused for personal gratification.
  • Confidentiality must be respected for the confidential information or data obtain in the course of the CSR activities.

Political Activities:

  • enche CSR does not make any donations to political parties or take part in party politics. However, when dealing with Government or Government Agencies, we do make legitimate concerns known and will seek to influence Governments in relation to issue that could affect us, our members, our customers, or the local community. These relationship are conducted in accordance with this policy.