About enche CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility enche Sdn Bhd is an organization that aspire to make a pragmatic contribution to the community through our corporate social responsibilities (CSR) program. We hope that the campaigns envisaged under our CSR program could support us in achieving our goal by emphasizing our concern on the community issues. In enche, we aim to serve as a role model among each other. This would be referred as possession of admirable quality in order to support, secure and give back to our society for everyone’s merriment. We also achieve benefits from CSR by nurturing our skills and increasing teamwork across our generation, whilst doing something positive for our community. Our e-commerce platform is an effort to create more job opportunities through implementation of technology in business. Digitalization of commerce undeniably may lead to expansion of business by means of business size, market and revenue, whereby we aim to grow together with our local SME merchants by providing them a platform to develop their business. We believe, through digital economy, we may contribute to the emergence of new career opportunities in various industries for these local SME merchants.